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Type the text you want to display in the label, and press the Enter key. This could get tedious, and you run the risk of typing the wrong text for the wrong label (I initially typed “alpha” for the label above, and had to redo my screenshot).One thing that makes this approach unsophisticated is that the typed labels are not dynamic. This could get tedious, but at least the labels are dynamic.If I were to have data in excel just like the table below, and then make line charts with that data.

The chart below uses labels from a column of data next to the plotted values.When you first add data labels to a chart, Excel decides what to use for labels—usually the Y values for the plotted points, and in what position to place the points—above or right of markers, centered in bars or columns.Of course you can change these settings, but it isn’t obvious how to use custom text for your labels. It plots simple data from columns B and C, and it displays only the default data labels, showing the Y values of each point.Click again on a label to select just that specific label.Double click on the label to highlight the text of the label, or just click once to insert the cursor into the existing text.

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The chart uses text from your source data for axis labels.

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