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This abstract is a brief summary of the referenced standard.

It is informational only and not an official part of the standard; the full text of the standard itself must be referred to for its use and application.

Abstract This practice establishes methods for testing and determination of expiration dating of medical gloves.

This covers all surgeon's and examination gloves made from either synthetic or natural rubber latex.

(See Hyphenation.) As you can put boxes inside boxes, these horizontal box packers give you ultimate flexibility.

defines the width of the resulting box as seen from the outside.

Admittedly, this is a very simplistic description of what really happens, but the point is that Te X operates with glue and boxes. One can put virtually everything into a box, including other boxes.

La Te X builds up its pages by pushing around boxes.

At first, each letter is a little box, which is then glued to other letters to form words.

This means it can be smaller than the material inside the box.

You can even set the width to 0pt so that the text inside the box will be typeset without influencing the surrounding boxes.

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Another general note: many of these packages provide very nice, intuitive, ways of drawing trees (e.g. This is very nice, but it has a downside: you will not generally be able to use these methods inside commands that you define yourself.

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