Dating a politician tips

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On a broad scale, it really doesn’t matter to me what side of the political spectrum you sit on as long as you are invested in the political future of our country and respectful of views that differ from yours.

” We had been talking very abstractly about current events and our first date was a few days after the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Shooting. I think it is absolutely necessary to be able to talk about politics with a potential love interest or long term partner.With the election coming up, that last one is an especially hot topic.So much so, in fact, that one dating service has launched around the idea entirely.There’s no doubt about it — finding someone you’re romantically compatible with is tough. Here at The Cheat Sheet, we believe it’s possible for you to date someone who doesn’t share your political viewpoint — you just need to remember a few of these tips.Ideally, you want a partner who shares some of the same interests, laughs at your jokes, and has similar hopes for the future. Have you considered what it’s like to date someone who doesn’t share your same political point of view? When it comes to political parties, you probably have some preconceived notions.

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If you’ve ever filled out an online dating profile, you know the questions can get pretty personal, pretty quickly.

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  1. They make up the fabric of this city and we love them. But, at the risk of painting brogrammers with too broad a brush, they can be excessively work-driven, entitled, listless in their dating approach and not very well socialized.