Figurine dating ok dating two guys once

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Figurine dating

Its uniqueness is due to its material (while this is stone, most figurines are clay), its skillful carving and its intact condition, according to Ian Hodder, a Stanford University professor who has led an international archaeological team at Çatalhöyük since 1993, reached by the Associated Press (AP).Hodder told the AP that this statuette was presumably a ritual object, based on its location beneath a platform, rather than in a rubbish pit.

Çatalhöyük—meaning the “forked mound”, in Turkish—was discovered in 1958 and named a Unesco World Heritage site in 2012.Such figurines are often thought of as fertility goddesses.However, Hodder cites newer theories that suggest this object represents older women who have achieved status.The figurine appears to be similar to the well-known ‘Venus of Hohle Fels’, discovered by Professor Conard in 2009.Although it is more modest in its imagery it appears to have been taller.

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Its excellent condition and craftsmanship also set it apart, he said.

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