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The entire exhibition consists of those two paintings tucked into the rest of the gallery's superb holdings of Dutch art.

It may sound a bit skimpy, but focusing attention on two great pictures can offer an experience in some ways superior to the mega-shows that have become the norm, where visitors wind up rushed and skim many of the works on view - the artistic equivalent of speed dating. He grew up in the Dutch city of Utrecht, then went to Italy in his mid-teens to further his artistic education.

" Montgomery testified that she lead Campbell back to the bedroom -- "We need to get you dressed," she told Sarah.

Sarah testified later she was wearing only a T-shirt and underpants.

Phair, a privileged, well-educated woman from the suburbs who barely thought of herself as a musician yet had grand ambitions, didn’t play by those rules — soon, however, she would be the scene’s most visible emissary.

Inside of a year, racked up 200,000 in sales when selling a tenth of that was considered “indie rock gold.” She topped SPIN’s 20 Best Albums of the Year for 1993 (“In a year when men preened like objects and women claimed the authority to make their experiences rock’s main subject, Phair was unrivaled,” wrote Eric Weisbard) and reached No. I had just moved back [to suburban Illinois] from San Francisco and was living with my parents.

It exploded, fully formed, from Chicago’s indie-rock scene centered out of the Rainbo, a bar central to a then un-gentrified Wicker Park, where Phair, an unemployed artist, was embedded.

Even though it landed right at the apex of the cultural moment for “Women in Rock” and riot grrrl, Phair was something else.

The painting is "Saint Sebastian Tended by Irene, 1625," a religious scene by the Dutch artist Hendrick ter Brugghen.

It is among the pictures that Oberlin College's Allen Memorial Art Museum, which is closed for renovation, loaned to the Phillips Collection for an exhibition that ended in January.

Her feminism was not wrapped up in dogmatic choruses, her rage was articulated in quiet disses tangled up in sublime indie-pop. Phair dispensed with the innuendo and explained exactly, and explicitly, what she was game for.

“Flower” includes these lines: “I want to fuck you like a dog / Take you home and make you like it.” Even more novel and exciting was the fact that was about the most glorious, girly Fuck You ever.

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The dispatcher tells Coryell that Ryan Mc Evoy is on the other 911 line, and he can give her directions to his rural Decatur County house on N Lane. Today was the second day of testimony in Coryell's trial. The screaming didn't stop, and Montgomery said she realized it wasn't a joke.

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